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We are committed to helping you through your challenging journey by providing support, education, group process, and counseling. We know that each person’s situation is unique. We are here to listen and support you in making decisions that will provide a meaningful quality of life for you and your family. Let us help you live the quality of life you deserve.


Therapeutic Approaches

Therapy Sessions


We provide individual, family, and group therapy in a safe, secure, and structured environment.   We provide confidential assessments and customized treatment plans assist our clients in learning new skills to address problematic behaviors.

Individual Therapy

Therapist meets with the client in one-on-one sessions to confidentially work on developing treatment goals. Therapy sessions focus on identifying the strengths of the client. Individual therapy in a safe environment is critical as it gives the client the ability to explore and process personal strengths and needs. .

Group Therapy

Working with children or adolescents in group treatment is evidence to be the most effective means of treatment. Therapy groups are provided to enhance day-to-day functioning and recovery while improving relationships, self-confidence, coping skills and the effective management of grief, stress, anger, anxiety and depression.

Family Therapy

Experience has shown the treatment is most effective when the family participates. APDI realizes every family is unique. We work with the family to develop better communication, more effective discipline, conflict resolution skills, and better boundary setting. Our goal is to help families create healthier relationships and maintain a more healthy and loving family unit. We assist families in eliminating the barriers that interfere with their ability to function appropriately.


Assessments & Courses

Some services are paid for by the Oklahoma Health Care Authority (Medicaid), HealthChoice, Humana (TriCare) Military Healthcare Services, BlueCross & BlueShield of Oklahoma, other insurance companies, or a sliding-fee scale (private pay-based on income and family size), private pay, charitable donations, etc.

Substance use disorders include the misuse of alcohol and other drugs that lead to problems in everyday life.  We help patients achieve recovery and learn valuable tools to help them in their journey.  We believe no one should travel the path of substance abuse alone.

We provide DUI assessments and classes

for individuals needing their driver’s license reinstated in the State of Oklahoma.

Required for Drivers License Reinstatement.  A Positive Direction, Inc. is a Certified Assessment agency and can provide ADSAC Assessments for participants seeking driver’s license reinstatement following an alcohol or drug related offense.  The assessment provides recommendations to be completed.  Upon receiving documentation of completion of all ADSAC recommendations, participants will be provided with a certificate of completion with the “red stamp”

Assessment Time: approximately 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Cost:  $175 = If the arrest occurred before

                       November 1, 2008

$160 = If the arrest occurred

            after November 1, 2008

All fee amounts are set by the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services and all assessors are required to abide by these set amounts.

Ordered by your Probation Officer and may not be used for Drivers License Reinstatement

Assessment Time: approximately 1 – 2 hours.

Cost: $75.00

Please provide your PO’s name and contact information during your appointment.

Work-Related Referral for Substance Abuse Assessments

Required by an Employer. 

Assessment Time: approximately 1 – 2 hours.

Cost: $160.00

The 10-hour course is divided into three classes which must be completed withing 60 days from the first class attended:

Class 1 = 3 ½ hours

Class 2 = 3 ½ hours

Class 3 = 3 hours

Cost: $150.00 (Payment plan is


The 24-hour course is divided into twelve classes.  Participants are limited to two 2-hour classes per week, allowing a minimum of 6 weeks to complete.

Class 1 thru 12 = 2 hours

Cost: $360.00 (Payment plan is


Educational and group process to include life skills, relapse prevention and coping skills.

Class = 1 ½ hours

Cost: $25.00 per group session

Alcohol Counseling and Drug Counseling

Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Group Services

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